September 2017

Right Health is excited to announce the acquisition of Akira, an on-demand mobile healthcare platform.

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Right Health provides technology-powered health care that is connected with your current doctor and medical records.
Right Health extends and enhances your health care by providing affordable, round-the-clock access to physician consultations, accurate health information delivered by clinicians using your smartphone or computer.

Right Health Patient Solutions
Easily accessible and completely secure on your smartphone or computer, every day of the year
Speak directly with a doctor or health care professional via text, phone or live video chat
Save travel time and have meaningful visits with your doctor, virtually, whenever it's convenient
Avoid the waiting room and get real answers to your health-related issues and questions, in-app and online
Right Health service centres provide timely, technology enabled provision of care, focused on your long term wellness as well as your short term medical needs.
Right Health gives Canadians easy access to health care services.